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Chieftain Mk V BATUS

Posted on Mar 22, 2011 by in Läsvärt, Showcase - Stellan, Stellan Englund | 0 comments

After a very unproductive year I have finally managed to find both time and strength to carry on my modelling. I grabbed a stack of previously started but not finnished kits and put a short time limit for them to be done by. This is the Tamiya Chieftain Mk V in BATUS colours and markings. BATUS is the British Army Training Unit Suffield in Alberta, Canada. The choise of colours might seem a bit weird but blends the vehicles in very well due to the green and tan colours of the prairie. I started with Tamiya paint but redid everything in Vallejo, a brand I have more confidience in. No extras were used, just a bit of netting to fill the side baskets and a red live-firing flag. A bit of wethering was done using the ”sponge technique”, sanding paper, a bit of oils and a slight dusting around the side skirts. The tracks got some Mig pigments. Quite pleased with the end result.

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