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Kübelwagen; small scale bucket wagon

Posted on Mar 23, 2011 by in Showcase - Stellan, Stellan Englund | 0 comments


For a few years this little Kübelwagen in 48-scale from Tamiya lay primed and all. It just needed a bit of paint and weathering to be decent enough for public viewing. A slight coat of Vallejo grey green and a disruptive camouflage of green did the thing for it. For weathering I added a bit of pigments on the wheels and a thin spray of  sandy paint to get the dusty feeling of the eastern front. Tamiya did an excellent job on this model, it just need a bit of filler on the inside of the doors and pedals, and is a perfect side object to an aeroplane kit. The box also contains two pilot figures. Since taking these photos I have masked the wind shield and airbrushed a bit more dust all over.

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