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LCM 3 in 1/144, pt 1

Posted on Okt 21, 2011 by in Läsvärt, Stellan Englund | 0 comments

OK, so I’ve been a huge fan of landing crafts for a few years now and I’m not ashamed of it. I made one of these little gems a few years back but wanted to come back to something simple. So here I am again. Trumpeters little LCM 3 in 1/144 is a little faboulus piece but it has one weak point; too deep a hull. Just like the other LCM’s from Trumpeter/Hobby Boss. In this little scale it’s possible to live with.

The clean up is a rather simple affair but you can not rush. A bit of sink is at the stern and has to be dealt with, so a bit of filler will be helpful. This is also the case at the bow ramp’s front and sides. A few pieces of plasticard in the bottom of the hull will reinforce enough for a hole to be drilled for the stand.

The ladder is cast onto the bulkhead and is not so nice. If you want to improve this part you should shave it off and replace it as I did.

As a small improvement I opened up the water outlets and exhausts on the sides. Due to this I also had to block the see through effect, a bit of plasticard was glued to the bulkhead.

So, here it is after a couple of days work. Now it’s ready for a coat of black primer and some proper paint job. See you in a while.

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