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King Tiger 1:16 – # 43

Posted on Mar 18, 2009 by in King Tiger 1:16 | 2 comments


Final Cut(s).

Vagn 213 (Ustuf. Helmut Dollinger) II. Zug s.SS-Pz.Abt 501 (II Abt. SS-Pz. Rgt. 1/Pz. Gruppe Peiper)den 22/12 1944. Vagnen hade förlorat de flesta sidokjolarna/Schurzen vid det här laget, så det är dags för lite enkel plastkirurgi. Det ska bara vara en sidokjol kvar på höger sida, tre på vänster.

Final Cut(s).

Vehicle No 213 (Ustuf. Helmut Dollinger) II. Zug s.SS-Pz.Abt 501 (II Abt. SS-Pz. Rgt. 1/Pz. Gruppe Peiper)den 22/12 1944. The machine had lost most of its Churzen by this time, so some simple plastic surgery is needed. Only one skirt remained on the right side, three on the left. 


De främre stänkskydden är tvådelade, men Trumpeter har missat det. Det ser mycket bättre ut om man sågar isär skyddet. Höger stänkskydd på Dollingers maskin hade förlorat den yttre delen och den inre ska vara knäckt och böjd.

The front mudguards are split in two parts, something Trumpeter missed. You will get a much better look by splitting them and reglue. The right mudguard on Dollingers machine had lost it’s outer mudguard part and the remaining inner part was twisted and bent.


Här är de externa delar som ska målas separat.

Here are the external parts I choose to paint separately.


  1. building king tiger I found, that if you make hull ammo racks, as instructioned the turret, will not rotate. I have seen people have made the lower hull with the ammo racks in place and painted and fitted with shells. And I am wondering if they know about this problem, and are you aware of it. If there is any reference or images of the correct storage of shells, it would be helpful. I have seen that the shells are pushed in towards the middle, and that will clear the turret, Is this the way it is made to store the shells correctly. Thanks

  2. Hi Steve,
    Yes, I’ve been warned about this problem, but I’ve not yet done any dryfitting to see exactly what is happening.
    From what you say I fell I really have to look inte that right away. I’ll leave a report of my findings soon!

    Big thanks for alerting me, cheers,

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